A business laptop and a consumer laptop may look similar in the physical appearance but when the configuration and the software features are compared a lot differs.

A consumer laptop is basically used for home, i.e. for simple browsing, performing basic documentation and watching movies etc.

The business laptop on the other hand is used for more serious work. The storage space is more compared to a consumer laptop as it has to save large files, several business documents and also other important information used for business purposes.

What are the distinct features of a business laptop as compared to a consumer laptop?

  1.  Performance, Durability and Reliability

A business laptop is designed to perform highly demanding tasks. They are designed to withstand outdoor wear and tear. They have a metal casing which makes them dust and water-resistant. With long-lasting battery life, they are more reliable for use during travel and prolonged business meetings.

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  1. Advanced features

They are equipped with powerful processors, graphics, fingerprint reader, remote control software that helps in accessing from anywhere within the network.

  1. Hardware

A business laptop and a consumer laptop may not differ much when it comes to the hardware components, but certain parts of the business laptop are designed to handle the accidental drops. The webcam is also specifically designed for better video quality and when it comes to the USB port, a few extra ports are added to connect any external devices.

  1. Warranty and service

Business laptops come with extended warranty period when compared to consumer laptops. This helps businesses to go for any upgrades within the warranty period. Consumer laptops generally come with one-year warranty period.

  1. Style

Business laptops are sturdy and available with few choices of colours. They are designed to blend with any business model. On the contrary, a consumer laptop comes with bright colours, sleek design, light-up keyboards to attract an average user.

  1. Pre-loaded software

Business laptops are preloaded with desired software of a business edition operating system and office packages. Unwanted games and apps which are generally offered with consumer laptops are not present in business laptops.

Why to opt for rental laptops?

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