Online gaming is fast gaining importance with new features and trends coming up in the field. It has emerged as a profession among the youth. Its popularity has led to the rise in gaming events like college festivals, international gaming conventions, and meet-ups where avid gamers come together to prove their skills.

Laptops specifically designed for gamers are also gaining demand. A gaming laptop and a proper internet connection are required for online gaming.

There are many brands and models of gaming laptops available in the market.

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Which Gaming laptop is better MSI or Alienware? Explain Features and specification?

Both the gaming laptops are sturdy, exhibiting thick and heavy builds.

Processor: The Alienware 17 offers a more capable Intel Core i7 processor than MSI. MSI system’s chip has a lower clock speed and smaller cache. It is possible to configure the Alienware 17 with a Core i7 4700MQ while the MSI laptop has no option to configure it with more powerful processors.

Display: Both the gaming laptops feature 1920x1080p display resolution with an antiglare screen.

Graphics: It is the most vital part of a gaming laptop. MSI and Alienware laptops boast powerful NVIDIA GeForce 780M cards with 4GB of GDDR5 memory. The 780M is one of the more potent cards of NVIDIA, paired with a capable processor that runs the most recent titles smoothly.  

RAM: MSI stands out in this category as it offers 24GB RAM compared to 16GB RAM of Alienware. The extra RAM of MSI helps it hold on to the smooth frame rates during those extended play sessions.

Storage: Both MSI and Alienware feature RAID setup that is a method of using two hard drives to provide faster and secure storage configurations. The MSI gaming laptop features Super RAID technology that uses two small SSD drives rather than the conventional hard drives found on the Alienware setup. The Alienware machine has a much larger RAID setup than the MSI machine, with 2GB of internal storage and an 80GB SSD drive that makes it faster than the MSI.

Battery and Ports: Both models come with a reliable battery that suits the gaming environment. Both the laptops have a wide range of ports.

OS and disk drive: Alienware comes in two variants i.e. Windows 7/8, whereas MSI is available with the latest version. Alienware has a Blu-Ray reader disk drive, while MSI comes with a Blu-Ray drive capable of burning disks.

With many other brands of gaming laptops available in the market, these two laptops are the leaders in the field of online gaming with features that are way ahead of their competitors.

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